Episode 1: The beginnings of Janssen Cosmeceutical Care 1997-1998

The original start up January 9th, 1997

Two years before the company Janssen cosmeceutical care was founded in January 1997, Walther Janssen created the groundwork for his successful worldwide partnership network in professional beauty. Since 1995 Dr. Roland Sacher launched the development of cosmeceutical skincare preparations in several product lines which where called “The secrets of Beauty”. Those “secrets where meant to be shared” and in the first business years, the skincare line was already exported and sold in ten different countries around the world. In Germany Walther and his small team operated from the headquarter in Aachen directly with beauty professionals, mostly recruited from the International beauty Show in Düsseldorf. In the neighboring country Belgium, where Walther and Elka lived and had their holding company Euro Beauty Service, Arnold van de Stuyft from Oostakker helped him to launch the professional assortment. In the United States of America, Walther created his own marketing operation in Orange County near Los Angeles, and in Hong Kong and China, his longterm partner James Chan launched and introduced the first undertakings in a new booming world. Old connections with Ronald Jean in Kingston, Ontario had been used to launch the brand in Canada and for the open market economy in Singapore, the young and dynamic company Ying Fong. They operated in Malaysia, KTK Beauty in Singapore. Some kind of exotic partner where our friends from Thai Van in Cambodia and an old connection was represented by Takis Papazoglou in Greece. Those eleven countries contributed to the first successful business year of JANSSEN COSMETICS back in 1997.



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Die Janssens aus Hauset

Walther und Elka Janssen wohnten mehr als 40 Jahre mit ihren drei Söhnen in dem kleinen Ort Hauset, einem Ortsteil der Gemeinde Raeren in Ostbelgien. Vieles in dem Archiv unserer Webseite dreht sich deshalb um diese 40 Jahre gemeinsamer Erlebnisse, aber auch um die Zeit davor. Elka und Walther wohnen seit 2013 in Schleckheim, einem Stadtteil im Süden von Aachen. Die beiden ältesten Söhne sind mit ihren Familien in Hauset geblieben, der jüngste Sohn wohnt am Firmensitz der Janssen Cosmetics in Oberforstbach (Aachen).  Wir möchten die Privatsphäre schützen, deshalb reagieren wir gerne auf Hinweise. Wenn Ihr also Hinweise,  Fragen, Anregungen und Vorschläge oder Ideen habt, meldet Euch gerne  



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    Detlev O. (Freitag, 01 Januar 2021 17:57)

    Lieber Walther, Du hast das Jahr 2020 sehr gut von allen Seiten beleuchtet. Immer ein Blick auch auf die Firma. Bleibt gesund